Freelance consultant, 5/2001 - present, designer/developer

I began to do consulting on customized PC motherboard design from May 2001, and I keep learning the latest technologies to polish my skills as a professional electrical engineer and software developer.

DTK Computer China branch, 11/98 - 5/2001, Lead BIOS engineer

This is where I began my professional career as a programmer, and I'm very grateful to my boss Henry Chen and Stanley Chen to hire me with the knowledge that I'm a freshman in programming but with an exceptional eager to learn and learn quickly, and I feel lucky to be the first batch of BIOS engineers in China.

I began to learn X86 assembly and PC architecture in this company, and I became one of the best BIOS engineers in China that is regarded high by colleagues, boss, and chip vendors when I left this company to learn and work on embedded Linux later.

I'm grateful that my responsibility in the first half year in the company is just to study as more as possible, and after I'm qualified to do valuable work, I'm responsible for the hardware debug and BIOS maintenance, and some vendor specific BIOS enhancement such as dual BIOS, Harddisk protection in BIOS etc.


University of Science and Technology of China, 9/87 - 7/92, B.S, Geophysics.

This is the worst experience in my life by now, wasting 5 years in the university without any sense of what's the reality, reluctantly learning what I'm not interested again.

I hope China's university system to be benificial but detrimental to the development of human creativity in the future.