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Welcome to the home page of Izico Chang.

Internet is one of the greatest inventions of human beings, it's the only social media in the world that you can hear a voice of freedom from a humble man, one of the lowest grassroots in China that is a 1 in the statistical report of the government, and 0 in the eyes of the elites.

I'm not good at politics, and i don't survive by playing politic tricks, ever, but there's always things to annoy you as a social animal, my way is just simple after so many years' failure to cope with it: I try to forget it and I enjoy in the other aspects of life.

I have a dream, a dream to be free, a dream drives my life.

I began the career as a professional programmer from Nov 1998 with the dream to be a cowboy of the information age, and I've been mostly doing embedded system design in these years, it's one of the top human professions that I respect and love to do.

I began to do consulting on electronic design and software development from May 2001 with the dream to be free of control by others and in full control of my own destiny, and I'm getting better to understand the professional codes and business rules and polish my professional skills.

I design small electronic gadgets and softwares in my own rights in free time, and here you can find some of the electronic gadgets and software that's copyrighted to me.

I enjoy life though my life is poor, simple and primitive most of the time, I wish everybody to enjoy his/her life, no matter how miserable or hopeless it seems sometimes.

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